Jenny Dodge

Graphic Design + Illustration
Creative Technology


  1. Jenny is a Visual Designer and Media Artist currently based in Los Angeles, CA. She works across a wide range of mediums including graphic design, animation, illustration, and a “talking” plant.



Hi, I'm Jenny! I’m a UCLA graduate with a BA in Design and Media Arts. With three years of professional experience, I specialize in print, digital, and motion design. I love to explore new design mediums and supplement my practice with emerging technologies such as augmented reality and generative code. Most importantly, I value creating work that speaks beyond the visual - design that is informed and inspired by research, storytelling, and activism.

I currently am a Junior Designer at Hook Studios. In the past, I have worked with Buck Design, FEM Newsmagazine, Mad Decent, Geffen Records, and UCLA’s Center for the Art of Performance. You can read more about my work experience on LinkedIn, or my Resume provided below! 

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