Jenny Dodge


  1. Jenny is a Visual Designer and Media Artist currently based in Los Angeles, CA. She works across a wide range of mediums including graphic design, animation, illustration, and a “talking” plant.


3. Jarina De Marco — 2020 — 2021

Various creative collaborations with musician Jarina De Marco spanning from graphic design and motion to creative collages.

MALA (2021)

For this project, I added creative typography and motion to accompany the following photographs by Lissyelle Laricchia. These assets were used as promotional material for the release of Jarina’s single, MALA.

Give it to Me Baby (2021)

I created the handwritten typography for Jarina’s single “Give it to Me Baby”. I also created animated promotions to advertise the release.

Eléctrico Collages (2020)

I created these surreal, dreamy collages for Jarina’s social media in promotion for her song, Eléctrico.