Jenny Dodge


  1. Jenny is a Visual Designer and Media Artist currently based in Los Angeles, CA. She works across a wide range of mediums including graphic design, animation, illustration, and a “talking” plant.


4. Sacred Taíno Healing — 2020 — 2021

Branding for Irka Mateo’s Sacred Taíno Healing. 

This project required intensive research to thoughtfully and respectfully portray Taíno culture as well as Irka Mateo’s practice surrounding it. I studied various Taíno symbols, photographs, and texts in order to inform my design choices on this project, coming up with a design system that Irka felt best represented her practice as a Taíno healer and spiritual guide.

“Irka Mateo is a Dominican Taíno ceremonialist, spiritual healer, researcher and singer songwriter with 35 years of experience in the music industry. Research being the foundation of her work, she has recorded several albums and toured, bringing the multicultural blend of Taíno and African spirituality that she has researched and that has been passed down through her family for generations to a global stage. Combining music from Dominican folk and popular music to African and South American genres, she is a pioneer of the Dominican alternative music movement.”