Sacred Taino Healing,

Role: Brand Guidelines, Logo, Website, Print and Collateral
Photography by Isabel Avila and Maria Jose Govea
I had the honor of collaborating with indigenous researcher, educator, and healer Irka Mateo to craft a brand identity for her healing practice that reflected her cultural heritage and personal values.

Through this collaboration, I partnered with Irka to identify colors and symbols that held deep meaning for her. We drew inspiration from her cultural background and her unique approach to healing, ensuring the brand identity authentically represented her essence.

The logo itself is my artistic interpretation of "El Sol de Jayuya," a sacred symbol found in Taino petroglyphs. Representing the sun, it holds immense significance for the Taino people, symbolizing strength, health, and longevity. Notably, Irka frequently references and incorporates the Sol de Jayuya in her practice and ceremonies, even wearing a handmade Taino Sol de Jayuya mask on occasion.