Smarts Campaign

Role: Design, Storyboarding
Client: Mailchimp
Agency: Hook

Animations by Imma Almourzaeva,
Alex Carey, and Antonio Vicentini
In a collaborative effort to enhance user engagement and promote the "smart" way of utilizing Mailchimp's services, I teamed up with the Mailchimp team to create a series of engaging social media posts for their Smarts Campaign. Leveraging Mailchimp's whimsical illustration library, I crafted narrative posts that guided users through step-by-step processes, making the learning experience both informative and enjoyable.

Working closely with animators, our team worked to transform the static illustrations provided by Mailchimp into narrative animations. My responsibilities included storyboarding the animations and strategizing their implementation across various social media platforms, ensuring a consistent user experience.

To amplify the campaign's reach, I produced a collection of promotional assets that were disseminated across a diverse media landscape. These assets included magazine advertisements, banner ads, and static social media posts, each tailored to the specific platform and audience.

Sacred Taino Healing,

Role: Brand Guidelines, Logo, Website, Print and Collateral
Photography by Isabel Avila and Maria Jose Govea
I had the honor of collaborating with indigenous researcher, educator, and healer Irka Mateo to craft a brand identity for her healing practice that reflected her cultural heritage and personal values.

Through this collaboration, I partnered with Irka to identify colors and symbols that held deep meaning for her. We drew inspiration from her cultural background and her unique approach to healing, ensuring the brand identity authentically represented her essence.

The logo itself is my artistic interpretation of "El Sol de Jayuya," a sacred symbol found in Taino petroglyphs. Representing the sun, it holds immense significance for the Taino people, symbolizing strength, health, and longevity. Notably, Irka frequently references and incorporates the Sol de Jayuya in her practice and ceremonies, even wearing a handmade Taino Sol de Jayuya mask on occasion.


45 Years of FEM Exhibition

Role: Design Direction, Branding, Print Design
In 2019, I had the opportunity to design the signage and branding for the 45th-anniversary exhibition of UCLA’s FEM Newsmagazine. This immersive project served as a testament to the organization's rich history and ongoing fight for social justice.

My contributions included conceptualizing and designing posters, flyers, and social media graphics that effectively captured FEM's mission. I collaborated closely with the exhibition curators to develop a decade-by-decade layout, showcasing FEM's significant milestones and achievements throughout its 45-year journey.

FEM Newsmagazine,
Article Designs

Role: Design Direction, Illustration, Print Design
As a member of the design staff for UCLA's FEM Newsmagazine from 2016-2019, I had the opportunity to collaborate with talented writers to create illustrated artworks and publication designs to accompany their print and web articles. I also designed and prepared the quarterly print issue for production.

“FEM, UCLA’s feminist newsmagazine since 1973, is dedicated to the empowerment of all women, the promotion of human rights, the recognition of gender diversity, and the application of intersectional feminism. FEM celebrates women’s right to equality in all aspects of life and appeals to an audience that believes feminist ideology is still necessary to defeat sexism. We will offer a wide range of timely feature, opinion, and news pieces that tackle gender issues in relation to sexuality, race, class, and popular culture. The purpose of FEM is to enlighten our audience with information and personal accounts that may be rejected or ignored within mainstream media”

Google Quantum,
Editorial Artwork

Role: Lead Illustrator
Agency: Hook
Client: Google Quantum AI

Hook's creative team collaborated with Google's Quantum AI scientists to translate their groundbreaking research into captivating visual narratives. This project involved a deep dive into the intricate world of quantum mechanics, where we worked closely with the scientists to grasp the essence of their work and translate it into compelling artistic representations.

As the lead illustrator, I played a pivotal role in ensuring that the illustrations accurately reflected the scientists' research while simultaneously capturing the imagination of a wider audience. The resulting artworks served as integral components of the research papers, published in prestigious journals like Nature and Science.

3D rendering of Majorana Particles by Lawrence Benjamin.


Role: Designer, Creative Technologist
Imagine a world where plants can express their needs and moods. IVY aims to make this a reality! By harnessing the power of technology, IVY translates a plant's soil moisture data into emotional states understandable by humans. With a simple click, users gain valuable insights into their plant's well-being, fostering a deeper connection with the natural world.

IVY utilizes a SHT10 sensor and Arduino to gather data, while Processing software visualizes this information. This allows users to not only understand their plant's needs but also develop an emotional bond, promoting responsible care and empathy. Overall, IVY transcends being a mere plant monitor, instead offering a unique educational tool and a doorway to a richer relationship with nature.

Pressing the red button activates the soil sensor, which will read IVY’s soil humidity levels.

If IVY does not have enough water, a sad message will appear.

If IVY has enough water, a happy message will appear on the screen!