Locks of Love,
Cut the Quarantine

Role: Lead Designer, Illustration, Storyboarding
Agency: Hook
Client: Locks of Love
Honors: Communication Arts
Press: ItsNiceThat, Campaign Live, Collater.al

Animated by Alex Carey
I led the design and illustration for the award-winning Cut the Quarantine Campaign, a collaborative project between Hook Studios and Locks of Love. My responsibilities encompassed developing the overall visual identity, crafting engaging storyboards, and ensuring a seamless transition to the animation phase.

I played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and refining the campaign's visual identity, creating detailed styleframes to establish the campaign's aesthetic, and developing storyboards that effectively conveyed the campaign's message.

Throughout the process, I collaborated closely with animators to ensure a smooth transition from storyboard to animation. The Cut the Quarantine Campaign garnered significant recognition, including a Communication Arts Awards, and featured articles in ItsNiceThat, Campaign Live, and Collater.al. 

“Before hair salons started to open up again during the COVID-19 pandemic, we partnered with nonprofit Locks of Love to create Cut the Quarantine, a call to donate extra inches of hair grown during the pandemic to children suffering from hair loss. We created a short and fun cel animation to explain the logistics of participating centered around our hero, Sam, who grew out their hair during quarantine. The animation style is simple, approachable and reminiscent of an overdue haircut—almost as if created from excess hair.”

You can watch the film here.