Brand Texture

Role: Lead Designer, Brand Guidelines
Agency: Hook
I worked as the lead designer to rebrand Hook’s social media presence with a fresh and cohesive look and feel.

Hook is a creative production agency where highly skilled people of varying disciplines join forces to tackle creative challenges. They prioritize craft and process in their work, while maintaining a light hearted and candid tone of voice.

This design direction places an emphasis on the importance of play and experimentation during the creative process. We bring this notion to light through a hand-made, risograph-inspired look and feel; animations that are meant to feel like you are watching “behind the scenes” in the creative process itself.

Animations by Alex Carey, Mark Fain, and Cecilia Walker

Jenny Dodge is a multidisciplinary designer and media artist located in Los Angeles. She is currently working as a designer at Hook and has recently collaborated with notable brands including Freevee, Google, and Mailchimp. Jenny values creating work thats rooted in research, storytelling, and experimentation.